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In addition to sports physicals, Integrated Health & Wellness offers a complimentary evaluation of the athlete's feet and will provide a recommendation on footwear to help reduce injuries.

No matter how well an athlete prepares, injuries are still a possibility for each and every one of them. Being able to work with coaches and trainers the past several years, Dr. Trost understands the importance of injury prevention. Pro-activity is very important in the health of an athlete and the team.

A common injury of most runners is foot, shin, knee, hip, and lower back pain. Dr. Trost has found over the years that proper footwear can make the difference in preventing some of the mechanisms of injuries.

Integrated Health and Wellness Center has been a dealer for the Brooks Running/Walking shoes for over 12 years. Dr. Trost has taken educational courses learning how to evaluate the athlete for stress on the feet while standing and during their gait cycle. A pedigraph (ink impression) of the feet from heel strike to toe-off can reveal a lot for a person. Our office performs this quick, easy screening test for our patients with foot, knee, hip and/or lower back issues.

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