The Clinic Gym is Here!

The clinic gym provides hope, energy, and excitement to the patients entering, and more so after leaving. Each patient will have a sense of empowerment, strength and ability to perform daily activities better than the day before.

This is a physician directed personal training experience with small group classes of 4 people per class. 55 minutes of warm-up fun, skills, and training for each person in the class.

The next group class will start soon. As a member of the clinic gym, you will have the opportunity to continue your rehab program in a gym setting. Class times will be 6 am on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

Please come 10 minutes before class time to fill out paperwork before starting your first class. At that time you will choose and pay for the membership that will work best for your needs and schedule.

The Membership levels are:

FitRx 1 - 1 time / week for 4 weeks ($140)

Continue stability and rehab from the treatment plan or learn new cues and movements to apply to home workout routine

FitRx 2 - 2 times / week for 4 weeks ($240)

Begin or continue a fitness plan that keeps you progressing toward life goals

FitRx 3 - 3 times / week for 4 weeks ($300)

A fitness plan that will speed up your results and keeps you progressing with life changes and demands

Everyone's an athlete. Start your fitness journey today!